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Arsenal ICONS Retro Series Jersey

The latest addition to the Adidas football range, the ICONS Retro Collection, recreates the classics and emotions of the top clubs.

The ICONS retro collection looks at the 1990s football scene, which set the tone for contemporary sport, and seeks to recreate the unforgettable moments of the greats of the past, breaking the boundaries between football performance and street culture with a retro-chic twist.

The Adidas EQT style was the rage in the early 1990s and this season the ICONS retro collection brings the three stripes back to life. This season’s ICONS retro collection revives the three-striped look with a balance of football and fashion through the use of glossy fabrics, casual silhouettes and eye-catching branding elements.

Based on the rich cultural heritage of the football team, this season’s ICONS retro collection is a nostalgic look at the glory of yesteryear, while also seeking the comfort and athletic performance that modern football values, and is designed for the many fans who appreciate the culture of football and the blood of the green.

The Arsenal ICONS retro jersey features a classic design that recalls the cup memories of the ‘Arsenal’. From the central team crest to the EQT style three stripes on the side, the shirt is a reminder of the ‘Gunners’ of the 1990s.
The Adidas Football ICONS retro collection includes retro shirts, shorts, casual jackets and trousers, taking inspiration from the golden age of football, and revisiting the years of football history in a fresh and iconic style.

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