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A Detailed Analysis of Yerry Mina’s Infamous ‘Bite’ Incident in the VAR Review

The 69th minute of a hotly contested match between Bournemouth and Everton had all the makings of a penalty kick for Chelsea. With Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford already having made a horrendous mistake to surrender the ball to Bournemouth striker Dominic Solanke, it seemed set in stone that he would be forced off his line and concede a goal. That was until Yerry Mina, an Everton defender, stepped in with more than just his boots as he clashed with Solanke inside the goal area. Referee Stuart Attwell booked Pickford and Solanke, but took no action against Mina — much to the surprise of nearly everyone present at the game.

The incident has been deemed controversial by many pundits and fans alike due to its seemingly violent nature, as some have even argued that Mina bit down on Solanke during their altercation inside the box. While there is no clear evidence to support such an allegation, what this incident does highlight is how VAR protocol can impact the outcome of a match. It has been long known that VAR Michael Oliver was able to check into the situation from his review room shortly after the altercation occurred, yet he chose not to do so despite being prompted by referee Stuart Attwell himself.

The VAR Review: Mina 'bite' on Solanke, penalties to Brentford and Chelsea

This decision could very well have cost Chelsea a penalty kick which could have changed the entire course of this match between Bournemouth and Everton had they capitalized on such an opportunity. The importance of VAR protocol was made even clearer when referee Stuart Attwell later consulted VAR Michael Oliver for help in making calls concerning fouls near the penalty area throughout the remainder of this match. Had he done so earlier regarding this particular incident, perhaps things would have ended differently for both teams involved in this highly intense competition while donning their respective Chelsea jerseys .

At any rate, we must remember that football is a game heavily reliant upon following closely-defined rules and protocols — especially those implemented by VAR Michael Oliver who provides assistance for referees like Stuart Attwell when making decisions regarding potential fouls or infringements in such cases as with Yerry Mina’s altercation with Dominic Solanke. As such, it’s important to understand why certain decisions are made in order to gain better insight into how they might affect future outcomes down the line – all while being mindful not only of your team’s current performance but also of its longer-term goals based off previous matches involving players wearing their Chelsea jerseys..

Could Florian Balogun Replace Chelsea-Bound Christopher Nkunku at RB Leipzig?

RB Leipzig are looking to sign a replacement for the soon-to-be Chelsea player Christopher Nkunku, and it looks like they have their eyes on Arsenal’s Folarin Balogun. The 20 year old has impressed this season while he has been on loan with Stade de Reims, and now it appears that he could be the man to replace Nkunku at RB Leipzig.

Christopher Nkunku has long been linked with a move to Chelsea, and sources tell us that the club arranged for him to undergo medical tests last September. Since then, the 25 year old striker has shown his quality in front of goal by recording 17 goals and 5 assists in 27 matches across all competitions. This is despite him being hampered by an injury, which prevented him from representing France at the World Cup.

Balogun’s impressive performances this season have caught the eye of many top clubs, not just RB Leipzig. He has scored 10 goals in 28 appearances across all competitions whilst on loan at Reims this campaign, as well as providing 4 assists in Ligue 1 alone. His form earned him interest from AC Milan and Bayer Leverkusen but it appears as though RB Leipzig may be favourites to secure his signature.

The young Englishman is said to be keen on a move to Germany’s top tier division due to its reputation for allowing younger players more opportunities than other leagues around Europe – something which could work in his favour when considering a potential switch from Arsenal. He currently does not feature much within Mikel Arteta’s plans at Arsenal and so considering a move away could be beneficial for both parties involved. The way Balogun plays would definitely fit into Julian Nagelsmann’s style of football too; Balogun is known for being direct with his runs forward, quick off the mark and also very clinical in front of goal – these are all qualities which make up an ideal striker within Nagelsmann’s system.

Since joining RB Leipzig two years ago, Nagelsmann hasn’t shied away from investing in young talent either – something which bodes well for Balogun if he were to make the switch there this summer. If the 20 year old were signed by RB Leipzig then he would be put into direct competition with Jesse Marsch’s team who currently sit 2nd in the Bundesliga table behind Bayern Munich – a challenge he will likely relish! Furthermore, if successful he would become one of only five English players to play in Germany’s top division – something which should not go unnoticed amongst fans back home too! It looks like yet another exciting transfer saga involving an up and coming talent could take place this summer; however it remains unclear whether or not Folarin Balogun will don a Chelsea jersey or an RB Leipzig shirt come next season…