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Intensive Care for PSG Goalkeeper After Horse Riding Accident

Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Sergio Rico is recovering in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Seville, Spain, after sustaining a head injury from a horse-riding accident.

Rico’s representatives released a statement this Sunday stating that the accident had taken place near his former club, Sevilla. They also added that over the next 48 hours, medical professionals will be monitoring his condition to determine his progress in recovery. Acknowledging the seriousness of Rico’s situation and expressing their support for him and his family, they said: “Sergio is in good hands, fighting to recover.”

As one of Europe’s most successful soccer teams, Paris Saint-Germain are no strangers to misfortune on and off the pitch. However, nothing could have prepared them for the news about their goalkeeper suffering such an unexpected injury. The incident immediately threw the team into a state of shock as they are now not only faced with an uncertain future regarding their star player’s health but also without a core member of their squad at an essential time in their campaign.

PSG's Rico in intensive care after horse accident

The support for Sergio has poured out from all sides as friends and family members have been urged to pray for him while current and former players have sent messages wishing him well on social media. Additionally, PSG became one of many clubs across Europe to show solidarity by wearing shirts with his name printed on them during training sessions before matches.

Nevertheless, what remains at the forefront is Sergio’s well-being as he faces an uphill battle towards recovery due to the intensity of his injuries. It is believed that he has gone through surgery and has since been placed under observation within an intensive care unit due to brain trauma he sustained after being hit by a loose horse during his ride through Seville countryside.

While no official announcement has been made about Sergio’s return or timeline for recovery yet, it can be assumed that it may take weeks or even months before we see him make any sort of comeback—if at all. Until then it would seem appropriate that we do our best to rally behind his cause in spirit by continuing to hope for a successful recovery so he can once again wear Paris Saint-Germain jersey proudly with grace and success soon enough.

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